Many good reasons make Kendall Jenner one of Hollywood's top models and actresses. Her toned figure and beautiful appearance make her stand out from the crowd.

A couple of pictures of the supermodel of the USA were shared on social media. The star wore a plunging bikini set in the monochrome photo. The beach was a refreshing place for her.

Kendall shared another picture on her Instagram in a brown bikini set. Her pet dog and she were lying under the skies in sunny weather after coming out of the swimming pool.

Here is a picture of Kendall Jenner with the berry cherry blooming as the actress enjoyed a refreshing time at the poolside. A red checkered bikini set was worn by her. A picture of the actress smiling was shared by the actress.

Kendall Jenner also looks lovely in real life, according to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is the beauty that draws attention. The actress looks stunning in a yellow tie knot bikini set.