A hypothetical live-action film about Rapunzel has Keke Palmer’s eyes  set on the role. In the past, the “Nope” star has asked for roles – and  landed them

As a matter of fact, Palmer reached out for her roles in “Insecure” and  the “Sister Act 3” film, proving she has a wide range of skills.

Issa Rae tweeted to her before she appeared in “Insecure”‘s fifth  season, saying, “Hey @IssaRae there’s been a mix up. I posted about my  excitement for the fifth season of “Insecure” and now everyone thinks  I’m going to be there.

We cannot let them down, so put me in as Condola’s slayer.” When she  guest starred on “The View,” she asked Whoopi Goldberg directly about  her role in “Sister Act 3.”