A number of videos from Grand Theft Auto 6 were leaked on Sunday across a variety of social media platforms, leaving Rockstar Games executives scratching their heads.

According to GTAForums, a user named 'teapotuberhacker' claimed to have leaked the information from a test build of GTA 6

Post caption reads, "Here are 90 clips and footage from GTA 6. There's a good chance I will leak more data soon, GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, and GTA 6 testing build."

Rockstar Studios is working round the clock to take down gameplay videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, demonstrating the authenticity of the videos.

GTA 6 has been rumoured to have a male and female protagonist since Rockstar announced its development. Rockstar's satire of Bonnie and Clyde has been cited by several netizens