Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, and wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of. As you age, your skin will undergo many changes, and accepting some of those changes is important for your mental health. Having healthy, glowing skin is always going to make you feel and look great, no matter what your age is. Let's see 5 Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Cantaloupe According to Dr. Madhankumar, cantaloupe boosts immune health, increases collagen production, and has antioxidant properties.

Kiwi A great source of vitamin C, kiwi also stimulates one's immune system and is incredibly rich in antioxidants, according to Dr. Madhankumar.

Guava The fruit boosts immunity, has antioxidant properties, and is a good source of fiber. In addition to promoting skin regeneration, guava is anti-aging and improves skin tone."

Oranges Among citrus fruits, oranges are synonymous with vitamin C - and for good reason. According to Dr. Madhankumar, it aids in fighting cell damage, collagen production, anemia, and boosts the body's defense mechanisms.

Bell peppers If you're a veggie person rather than a fruit person, you'll love bell peppers, which are also known as capsicum. As compared to green bell peppers, yellow and red bell peppers contain more vitamin C.