In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, the island is infected with Chrome due to a Chrome infection. As Fortnite assembles an A-list cast for season four of The Seven, with Brie Larson playing Paradigm, we can now see all the battle pass skins you'll be grinding for.

The Paradigm skin is indeed Brie Larson's rank 1 skin this time around. You can also unlock armor-on and helmet-on versions. One of my favorite mining tools is her holographic sword, which is a mining tool.

During the Chrome invasion, Hollow is a goth-looking dude with Chrome hands that also serve as mining tools and gliders. Given that we just saw the Chrome eat the other members of The Seven in the opening scene, I assume he's a villain.

It's time to move on to the traditional "weird experimental design" skin from Epic, where you control a little bear inside a bigger bear using a controller? Yes, of course. It sounds like fun.

One skin that leaked ahead of time is this emo version of Meowscles, where he's skinny and playing guitar. There's a laser pointer emote you can unlock in his kit that I like the most on this page.

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