Despite spending more than half her life in front of the camera, Chloe Grace Moretz explained why it was time for her to step away.

As a result of an "onslaught of horrific memes," the 25-year-old actress had become a recluse after a photo of her body was virally compared to that of the exaggeratedly warped physique of a cartoon character.

In addition to having body dysmorphia, Moretz also became "extremely anxious" when she was around paparazzi.

One meme of me walking into a hotel with a pizza box in my hand really affected me, and I've never really spoken about it

One of the most widespread memes at the time was a family guy character with short torso and long legs based off the photo," Moretz told Hunger magazine. I told someone about everyone making fun of my body and they went, "Oh, shut up, it's funny."