Actors who were forced to change their look for a Show or Movie

1. The ridiculous haircut Dwight had on The Office was actually Rainn Wilson's idea. He wrote in a Reddit AMA that he had purposefully designed the UGLIEST haircut possible for his enormous head and forehead.

2. "The Rachel" was another character hairstyle the actor vehemently hated. According to her, it was the ugliest haircut she had ever seen. When she was not on set, she expressed frustration about how difficult it was to style herself. It would have taken me all day to brush my hair and use the blow dryer without the assistance of [my hairstylist] Chris [McMillan].

3. Gwendoline Christie cried for two hours after getting her Game of Thrones haircut.

Christie said that being tall makes it challenging to remove her pronounced feminine features and appear more masculine. As a result, she has changed notions of femininity as well as overcome her discomfort with being an androgyne.

4. Despite having a high ponytail, Ariana Grande revealed a few years back that she actually had to wear it because dyeing her hair red for Victorious had damaged it so badly, she could only use a ponytail extension.

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