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September 24 Wordle: There are tips for solving the September 24 (462) puzzle, hints for completing today’s Wordle, and even the answer. Do you need more assistance? Nothing to worry about.  Our Wordle guides, as well as our extensive Wordle archive, are also available here.

Today I finally caught a really strong green-speckled opener after finding just a few yellows if I’m lucky. It helped me solve the puzzle on my second guess with little trouble-what a great way to start the weekend!

This week’s Wordle: A hint for Saturday, September 24

The answer to today’s question has a few meanings. There are times when this word is used to describe metal bars or a grid covering an opening, and other times when it refers to annoying noises or behaviors. In food preparation, it can even be used to shred cheese or other foods against a specific tool. Today’s challenge is to find two vowels.

How to beat Wordle every day: 3 tips

The only thing better than playing Wordle is playing Wordle well, which is why I’m sharing a few quick tips to get you started:

  • There should be a balance between vowels and consonants in a good opener.
  • The second guess helps narrow down the list of letters quickly.
  • There may be repeat letters in the solution.

Time pressure is only applied to making sure it’s done by midnight. The game can be treated as a casual crossword puzzle and you can come back to it later if you get stuck.

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What is the Wordle 462 answer?

Let’s start the weekend off right. September 24 (462) Wordle’s answer is GRATE.

Wordle 462

Wordle archive: Which words have been used

You have a better chance of guessing today’s Wordle answer without accidentally picking a solution that has already been used if you have a good memory bank full of past Wordle answers. You can also use past Wordle answers to find fun starting words to keep your daily puzzle solving fresh.

Here are some recent Wordle solutions:

  • September 23: GLORY
  • September 22: SAINT
  • September 21: RECAP
  • September 20: ALIKE
  • September 19: TRICE
  • September 18: STICK
  • September 17: CHUTE
  • September 16: PARER
  • September 15: DOUBT
  • September 14: THYME

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