Lululemon Is Launching a Membership Program

Mirror caught my attention during pre-pandemic, and though I thought the device – a mirror that turns into a smart screen to work out with a trainer – was brilliant, I wondered how many people would opt for it over in-person training.

We became inaccessible to gyms due to COVID-19 (either because they were shut down or because we couldn’t afford to get infected), and physical fitness devices such as Mirror became very popular.  In spite of the fact that many of us are returning to a lifestyle that looks more like what it did before March 2020, at-home workout options seem here to stay.  As part of its new paid membership program, Lululemon Studio, Lululemon is partnering with Mirror.

Mirrors ($1,495, starting price) are required for members to join Lululemon Studio. Membership to Lululemon Studio costs $39 a month, but members have access to thousands of streaming and in-person classes, including Mirror’s own library and those offered by Lululemon Studio partners, including 15 trainers from Pure Barre, AARMY, Rumble, DogPound, Y7, YogaSix, AKT, and FORWARD_Space.

Your phone’s Lululemon Studio app or Mirror can be used to stream workouts. Besides free access to the in-person classes some Lululemon stores host, members also receive discounts on in-person classes at Lululemon Studio partners.

This is a huge deal in the fitness world. Some Lululemon stores host in-person classes, while many have running clubs. Afterwards, the athleisure brand purchased Mirror back in 2020 for $500 million, showing a desire to offer top-notch classes alongside fitness gear and apparel to its customers. The brand noticed that people today want hybrid experiences in their exercise routines and in their jobs: the ability to work out at home, at work, and on the go. Lululemon Studio’s collaboration with Mirror is a leap into connected fitness that the brand clearly expects to succeed.

With Lululemon Studio, our community can find the versatility they’ve been looking for for a long time. In a press release, Nikki Neuburger, Lululemon’s chief brand officer, says you don’t have to choose between attending your favorite studio or streaming a class at home.

Adding Michael Aragon, chief executive officer of Lululemon Digital Fitness, to the press release, “Lululemon Studio is our daily go-to destination for the best content from the industry’s top trainers and studios, covering a wide range of fitness genres for all levels.”

In October, Mirror owners will have access to Lululemon Studio ($39 a month). In addition to the new Lululemon Essential Membership offering perks like free class access, early access to product releases, and in-store returns without receipts, anyone in North America can sign up for the membership for free that day.

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