How to watch the season 3 premiere of ‘Big Sky’

ABC will premiere the third season of the popular crime drama “Big Sky” on Wednesday, September 21 at 8 p.m. In Lewis and Clark County, Montana, Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell will once again solve crimes and find happiness.

You can stream season 3 of “Big Sky” on DirecTV Stream (free trial) and FuboTV (free trial).

There will be some cast changes in season 3 of Big Sky. Reba McEntire will play Sunny Barnes, the owner of a hiking trail that is the scene of many disappearances and murders. In season 2, Jensen Ackles had a guest role as the sheriff, but this season he will be a regular cast member. The show will also feature Rosanna Arquette as Jenny’s scam artist mother in a recurring role.

 Season 3, Episode 1: “Do You Love An Apple” Plot:
Sunny Barnes and her family are about to set up Sunny Day Excursions just outside Helena, ending a few months of relative peace. Cassie is called in to investigate a missing backpacker, and Beau, the new sheriff in town, partners up with Jenny to track down a murderer on the loose as soon as they arrive. “Big Sky: Deadly Trails” opens with Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt unraveling a mountain mystery.


About the show

The show’s official synopsis describes Cassie Dewell as “a private detective, Jenny Hoyt as undersheriff, and Beau Arlen as newly appointed sheriff” who keep order in Helena, Montana, with their exceptional investigative abilities.  When a local backcountry trip led by charismatic outfitter Sunny Barnes goes wrong, the trio faces their biggest mystery yet – where no camper can be trusted and danger lurks around every jagged rock and gnarled tree.”

Where to find ABC

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