GTA 6: Suffers Massive Leak, full details here

Somehow, someway, Rockstar is having trouble this morning, as 90 videos of early footage from GTA 6 are currently circulating on social media.

An anonymous user named teapotuberhacker, who also claims to be behind the recent Uber hack, has posted 90 videos they claim are from a Grand Theft Auto 6 test build on GTAforums. Several of the details from older leaks seem to be confirmed in this footage, including the Miami-esque Vice City and the male and female leads. Jason is the name of the man and Lucia is the name of the woman in the footage.

As Lucia robs a diner with Jason, the player controls her as she flees from the cops afterward. Another scene involves Jason watching two rednecks converse by a pool in a very Rockstar-like manner. As Rockstar is bound to remove these from the internet rather soon, I’ll link to them rather than embed them. The amount of footage is so vast, they’re probably going to have a hard time cleaning it all up.

It is impossible for me to even consider the possibility that this is a fake, unlike some other leaks in the industry. In a scale of this scale, it would be borderline impossible to fake so much footage with so many details. For this footage to be produced, there appears to be a genuine hack and breach of Rockstar. In time, we’ll see if Rockstar is able to bring the hacker to justice by tracking him down and prosecuting him.

Is this…harmful to GTA 6? Based on the reactions I’m seeing online, probably not. As fans are mostly excited to see GTA 6 and Vice City as well as these new characters in action, the clips generated praise and hugely positive like/dislike ratios on YouTube. GTA 6 has been so absurdly tightlipped that fans have been desperate for any footage or information they can get, but leaks have been all they have so far. As for the location and protagonists, this massive, massive leak of actual gameplay videos, even if they’re covered in debug tools with placeholder assets, still looks pretty good, given that the game is likely still 2+ years away. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be excellent after some more work and polishing.

Despite not issuing a statement about the leak, I expect Rockstar will have to address it, since this is substantive information, not idle rumors. My post will be updated with their statement as soon as it is released.

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