Apple Watch Series 8: Is it worth upgrading?

Apple Watch Series 8: Is now the right time to strap on the latest Apple Watch?

That’s not what I’m saying. There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is the best wearable on the market today. The device is sleek, easy to use, and allows its users to stay on top of their health and wellness.

Continuing Apple’s trend of releasing polished and highly functional smartwatches, Apple Watch Series 8 is available Sept. 16 starting at $399. I’ve had the Series 8 for several days now, and I’ve come to realize that the newest model depends more than ever on what you’re looking for.

Among the major additions this year is a wrist temperature sensor, which Apple says will make cycle tracking easier. Wearing the Series 8 at night will allow it to measure your wrist temperature over five nights to establish a baseline. If you wear the watch at night, it will keep track of any changes in your body temperature.

People can use the sensor to estimate ovulation for family planning or to track their periods more accurately. A watch ( Apple Watch Series 8 ) can send estimates if a cycle deviates once it learns the user’s body.

In addition, the temperature sensor provides another health metric that users can use to monitor their body’s health.

According to Apple, all cycle tracking data stays locked on your device and is encrypted following the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.

The Watch also features Crash Detection, an algorithm that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect when the wearer is involved in a serious crash. In the event that it detects a crash, it will reach out to the wearer and call 911 if he or she does not respond. It will then be possible for emergency responders to locate the wearer and communicate with them.

There’s no doubt that the Series 8 is a great watch. Like the last two models, it has an always-on display that changes depending on how you look at it. You will notice that watch faces dim when you are down on your wrist. As well as measuring blood oxygen and heart rate, it can also measure heart activity directly from the wrist with an electrocardiogram.

The Series 8 is also comfortable to wear. As a result of WatchOS 9, the watch is more useful at night due to the new sleep stages it has added. Like previous models, this fitness companion is a great partner for working out. The battery life of Apple Watch is pretty good as well. It is easy to wear one for a full day.

Is it worth upgrading?

Apple Watches vary in price depending on what you want from them.

There is a lot of similarity between the Series 8 and the Series 7 from last year.  Do not worry if you own a Series 7 or even a Series 6 from two years ago.

WatchOS 9 also supports Apple Watches dating back to Series 4, so you’ll be able to take advantage of several great features like workouts and sleep cycles.

For your first smartwatch, I recommend the Apple Watch SE. I own a first-generation SE and it gives you 80% of what the latest Apple Watch has, but without the sensors for blood oxygen and temperature monitoring and an always-on display.  In addition, it’s cheaper at $249.

So who is the Apple Watch for? Hopefully you won’t have to use Crash Detection (because hopefully you won’t need it).  Maybe you’d like to use the temperature sensor for family planning. If you have an older watch, it might be time to upgrade.

You won’t find a better smartwatch in these cases.

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