6 Best video games on the latest PlayStation console ( PS5 )

Best video games PS5: In the months since the PS5 launched in November 2020, its popularity has grown rapidly.

Nearly 22 million PS5 consoles were sold by June 2022 despite a chip shortage, so it’s no wonder why PlayStation fans are rushing to upgrade. With 10.28 teraflops of power, double the RAM, and two times as much storage, the new console is miles ahead of its predecessor.

Most welcome of all is the backward compatibility feature of the PS5, which allows a majority of previous console games to be played on the PS5. PS4 games have received free PS5 patches, and once they are downloaded, they can be played on the latest console with advanced frame rates.

Additionally, the PS5’s DualSense controller provides better ergonomics, haptic feedback, and a built-in microphone than the PS4’s DualShock controller. Users can sense things happening within the game through haptic feedback by vibrating the controller. The Uncharted series, with its vehicular traversal and punches, and Miles Morales’ web shots and venom blasts are examples.

Over 500 games have been available exclusively on the PlayStation 5 or via patches since it launched in November 2020. There were over 25 regular chart-toppers considered for this feature. Even though some were exceptional, they still narrowly missed out since this list only includes the very best. Sony Interactive Entertainment dominates this selection, but there are other award-winning games that deserve their place.

Here we go –

God of War

God of War

Since its debut in March 2005, the God of War game series has never looked back. Over 51 million copies of this franchise have been sold by November 2020, making it one of the best-selling franchises in history. This 2018 release is the first instalment in the Norserealm series, featuring god-hunting warrior Kratos. In light of God of War: Ragnarok’s release in November, it should certainly be at the top of everyone’s priority list.

Throughout the storyline, Kratos struggles with the effects of his past actions while attempting to escape it and deal with present-day consequences. In spite of the straightforward nature of the combat weapons, getting used to them takes a bit of time. But aside from that, the game is a complete package for everyone. Visually stunning, the game transports you to a mythical world you’ll never want to leave.

All the characters, no matter who they are, are enthralled by the voice actors, who nail even the slightest changes in emotions. All in all, God of War is an epic done well.

The PS4 version of God of War does not have remastered graphics, but an update to the PS5 version has improved the frame rate to 60fps (frames per second) with 4K resolution. The gameplay and price make it well worth the investment.



With excellent artwork, intriguing characters, and fairly intense gameplay, Hades is exactly what you’d expect from the Percy Jackson series.

Developed and published by Supergiant Games, the roguelike won multiple awards in 2020 and 2021, including the prestigious Hugo award. It is a beautifully crafted game that successfully combines elements of action-adventure games and role-playing games. This graphic novel-like art style is reminiscent of a creative graphic novel.

Getting used to the different traps and hell-based creatures in various rooms can take some time in Hades. Our protagonist Zagreus has access to a “God Mode” to counter these effects when he surpasses levels relatively easily.

It’s perfect for players who want to build their skills and explore the map at the same time. This game has a unique dialogue system after each run, including playful character exchanges that remind you of your previous deaths. As the Greek mythological God of rebirth, Zagreus is certainly in line with his Greek roots.

One drawback is that hacking and slashing can get repetitive, especially for players who prefer a story-driven game. We root for the titular hero and even the villains because the plot and pacing of the film are compelling.



When you play Stray, you are a cat that gets separated from its litter and tries to find its companions. This game is unusual in that you play as a feline adjusting to a new environment. The trailer for Stray generated plenty of interest, and the film has certainly lived up to expectations.

In contrast to the other games on this list, Stray is not an action-packed feast. A great game for those who want to relax after a long day, it’s a puzzle-heavy stealth game. They are an unconventional yet adorable pair, with the cat accompanied by its robotic companion B12.

Jumping and climbing are scaled differently since alley cats are alley cats, but they’re easier for us. A round of applause is due to the intricate design, which features scratched-up walls and ventilation and plumbing systems.

PS5’s DualSense Controller enhances the cat’s actions, which are also available on PS4. A built-in microphone and enhanced haptic feedback enable players to hear the purring and meowing of the strays. In addition to the challenging puzzles, the guidance system makes sure we don’t stray too far from the next objective.

Elden Ring


Metacritic rates Elden Ring 96 out of 100, which makes it the highest-rated PS5 game ever. It sold 12 million copies within two weeks of its release, and users are still talking about it months later. Even though it’s not perfect, it easily makes it onto this list.

Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin is responsible for the game’s world-building. Hidetaka Miyazaki, who created some of From Software’s best RPGs (role-playing games) like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, co-wrote and directed the game.

The Elden Ring game caters to a wide range of playstyles, which makes it a complete package. Others, however, may think magic is a better means to an end than close-range fighting. It has great visuals and a more generous color scheme than previous From Software games. In addition, some of the enemy designs are equally creepy and beautiful.

Due to its challenging bosses and lengthy playtime, Elden Ring can be intimidating to those who are newer to video games. However, it is not a game that can be consumed in one sitting – it is a gift that keeps on giving.



There is a sense of completeness to Returnal. By guiding us through the protagonist Selene Vassos, the game successfully introduces horror elements. There is something reminiscent of Dead Space about the gripping dread of facing a siege of monsters in an unknown world. In spite of this, the game is able to stand on its own two feet thanks to its sheer uniqueness in almost every aspect of the experience.

We are constantly challenged to make smart decisions by Returnal. Additionally, reward chests are more balanced, forcing players to rely on their own skills instead of relying on them for survival. The malignant chests and parasites in Returnal can reduce enhancements and can only be removed after completing certain tasks.

With their assortment of orbs and projectiles, the bosses are a credible threat, and the game has a realistic yet intense shooting and dodging system. Throughout the game, subtle clues can be spotted about Selene’s journey, which has an interesting backstory. This is an absolute must-have for anyone interested in a futuristic space action thriller.

Horizon Forbidden West


It was always going to be a challenge for Horizon Zero Dawn’s successor to emulate its success. In spite of this, Horizon Forbidden West manages to pull it off. It is truly breathtaking to see artistic depictions of contrasting environments, whether lush green forests or desert terrains.

In this game, primitive-styled weapons are used against robotic machines, and it feels thrilling to use an electric bolt to defeat an invincible-looking creature such as a 50 foot flying dinosaur. Like other top-quality RPGs such as Ghost of Tsushima, the cutscenes have a cinematic feel.

Despite Aloy’s dominance, the side characters get plenty of screen time, and their motivations and personal stories give the game credence. Although it requires patience at times to beat the large variety of enemies, the gameplay is rewarding in the end. As well as highlighting Aloy’s personal growth, HFW makes us root for her in her struggles.


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