25 years of Honey: Mariah Carey celebrates with Millie Bobby Brown

When Mariah Carey released Honey in 1997, she was throwing it back to the year 1997. With a TikTok that featured Millie Bobby Brown and surprise guests, the singer celebrated its 25th anniversary!

Carey shared the hilarious collab on her social media accounts. In the clip, Carey reenacts the scene in which she tries to escape her kidnappers. They pretend to be the kidnappers who are questioning the crooner with Jake Bongiovi, the Stranger Things actor’s boyfriend.

The original video shows Carey lip-syncing her response in Spanish, pretending she does not understand any English while tied in handcuffs – for which she is wearing a gold chain.

Additionally, Carey’s 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, as well as her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka play the gangsters who scared her into answering their questions.

According to We Belong Together’s TikTok, he quoted the Honey video’s famous line “Go eat a buffet”. According to Twitter, she was “reliving the splendor of the Honey video with surprise guests!” #butterfly25.”

The lead single from Carey’s sixth studio album Butterfly was released on Sept. 16, 1997 by Columbia Records.

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